The 8 Week Challenge initial testing will start on these days!

8 Week Tag Team Challenge (Non Members)


(Per Person)

Choose Your Teammate

Male/Male - Female/Female - Male/Female

(Each teammate needs to sign up individually)

Whats Included? ($885 Value)

Over $2700 Worth Of Prizes

What Happens After I Sign Up? 

You'll be sent an email with a form you need to fill out!


This form will ask you who your team mate is, or if your doing the challenge individually.


You'll then get a link to join the Facebook group where further details will be explained closer to the start date!


(Or $75/Week For 4 Weeks)


8 Weeks To Get Fittest Faster & Stronger!

(Challenge Includes 4 Weeks Free Training at "The Big A" For Non Members)

“It's gonna be pretty hard not to make progress! With each participants getting 3x Body Scans, getting trained and guided by high level coaches and Sports Nutritionists and hanging around likeminded people."

- Alex F - (Athletica Coach) 

You don't need to be fit to start!

Our expert coaches will teach you all everything you know from an absolute beginner! 

Over 35 Classes to Choose From! + Extra Training

With over 35 Crossfit Classes in the week to choose from! We make it easy for you and your partner to get your training in for the challenge!

All Day Open Gym

The gym is open allday! If you don't want to jump in a class you can complete the Cardio Club Workouts or the 8 Week Bodybuilding Program!


“It's gonna be pretty hard not to make progress! With each participants getting 3x Body Scans, getting trained and guided by high level coaches and Sports Nutritionists and hanging around likeminded people."

- Alex F - (Athletica Coach) 

What Else Is Included?

This is going to be an epic challenge for you and your friend! 

3 x Evolvt 360 Body Scans 

This is our measuring stick for the challenge! The scanner gives you over 40 measurements in under 60s! 


You will be tested: 

Week 1: Initial Testing

Week 4: (Optional, Progress testing)

Week 8: Final Testing


The scanner will also provide you your macros that you can choose to follow for your desired result!


Goalsetting & Nutrition Seminar 

These seminars will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to set realistic goals stay motivated and to fuel your body for your desired 8 Week Challenge Goal!


We will provide you with a guideline to for your nutrition goals based off your custom macros! 


Not only that, we have 3x Sports Nutritionists which will be posting weekly tips in our Private Facebook group! 


Note: A Custom Meal plan is not included in the challenge price, but you are able to contact 1 of our 3 specialist to enquire on one!


Free T-Shirt, Weekly Challenges and Seminars, Cardio Class and 2 x Free Extras Programs!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Challenge

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at or message us on instagram!

Q: Do I need a partner to sign up?

A: No you don't, you can still do the challenge individually but you will not be eligible for the “Team prize money” but you can still win the best transformation prize money!


Alternatively we can match you up with another individual that has signed as an indivdidual if you wanted to! 

Q: Why are you using a relative scoring system?

A relative scoring system ensures fairness by considering each persons starting stats. This allows a broader audience to compete fairly! Even if your already at a low body fat %. You can put your focus onto muscle gain while limiting Body Fat Increase.

Q: I want to keep training at another gym, can I still sign up?

Yes you can, just send us a message and we will give you more details. You’ll get access to everything in the challenge. Just not the Weekly Athletica classes.

Q: Do I need to be fit to do the challenge?

No of course not, that’s what the challenge is for! Our expert coaches will guide you from an absolute beginner!

Q: Does it include a custom meal plan?

A: No it doesn’t, but it does include a nutrition template and a custom macros you need to follow to either lose weight/gain muscle. We have 3 Dietitians/Sports Nutritionist (Added Cost) you can choose from if you want s custom meal plan.

Q: What happens if I Lose Muscle/Gain Body Fat %

Negative scoring is applied for Muscle Mass and Body Fat % increase. Although the Muscle Mass negative scoring isn’t as high as Body Fat % as its normal to lose a little Muscle Mass when in a deficit. You can minimize this by hitting your protein target and not cutting as aggressively.

Q: Whats the purpose of the challenge?

The purpose of the Athletica 8 Week Tag team transformation is to create a structured, supportive and motivating enviorment for you and your partner to reach their goals! It’s getting colder and it’s a heck of a lot easier to stay disciplined when you have a team mate!


Plus it’s going to be a massive community event for THE BIG A! And selfishly we are pretty excited to see everyone’s results, giveaway the prizes and have the awards night!

8 Week Tag Team Challenge (Non Members)